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Orpheus Institute

Collaborative Leadership, Transformative Experiences, Dynamic Residencies

The Orpheus Institute provides students with instruction and experience in crucial arts leadership skill sets, from methods of musical communication to administrative problem solving. Together, Orpheus and our partner schools are helping to train a new generation of musical entrepreneurs, prepared to lead in an evolving 21st-century arts marketplace, by creating a unique working environment where student musicians are empowered to make their own artistic and career decisions.

The Orpheus Institute is not just for music students.

Though the Orpheus Process is rooted in music-making, its structure and ideals are applicable to liberal arts and business students.  Through the Orpheus Institute, we are committed to sharing the legacy of our institution's unique approach to collaborative leadership and creative process with students in all fields of study.  Because leadership and entrepreneurship, collaboration and innovation are key to success in our 21st-century, global world, opportunities exist for Orpheus musicians to mentor diverse communities in deep and meaningful ways.

Primary Objectives

  • The opportunity to develop and produce concerts or projects using a team-based, student-led approach in which each member is empowered to contribute
  • The ability to apply collaborative leadership techniques to any team setting
  • Experiences that foster artistry and citizenry in all

Richard Hackman Memorial Fund

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